IC Friend Program

We have created the IC Friend Program, where you can earn IC points and use them as a discount for partial payment of orders.

Registered users can view their IC point status in the section STORE ⇒ My Account ⇒ IC Friend Program.

To earn IC points, you have the following options:

  • Purchasing: When making purchases in the Innovative Composites online store for a total amount exceeding 50 EUR, you will earn IC points at a rate of 1 IC point for every 1 EUR spent.
  • Special Events: Innovative Composites may add IC points to your account during special events or promotions.
  • Updating IC Point Status: Your IC point status will be updated in your account after the delivery of your order.

Please note the following details:

  • The IC Friend Program and IC points are applicable only to products and orders placed in the online store.
  • IC points are not earned on shipping costs and cannot be applied towards them.

To use IC points, follow these guidelines:

  • Accumulated IC points (1 IC point = 0.10 EUR) can be used in each purchase by converting them into a discount, covering up to 5% of the total amount (excluding shipping costs).
  • Unused IC points accumulate, and once they reach 1000 IC points, they can be converted into a 10% discount coupon for a single purchase.
  • IC points that remain unused or are not converted into discount coupons are reset after 6 months. There is no time limit for the usage of the discount coupon codes, and a user can have multiple active coupons.
  • Discounts do not stack, meaning that only one of the IC Friend Program bonuses can be applied in a single purchase.

Please note these conditions when utilizing your IC points.