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ACMOS 82-2405 release agent

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Acmos 82-2405 – Removable universal release agent/ wax based / aerosol spraycan

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Acmos release agent is a sprayable mould-release wax system. This mould-release wax is the ideal product to use to release A1 onto different surfaces. Please test the product on the surface in question in combination with A1.

Suitable for polyester, epoxy resin, PMMA and polyurethane. For the construction of molds.

Excellent mould release
Free of CFC propellants
Wide field of application
Economic use
Shake well before using.
The mould release should be sprayed in the mold quickly, and at a distance of 20-30 cm spray should be fine and uniform.
If you require a better quality, the mold was of Polish after with a clean cloth.
Protect from the cold and the heat. The product should be at room temperature before use.
Storage temperature: between 10° C and 30° C.
Maximum storage: approximately 6 months (in original container closed).

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400 ml, 12×400 ml


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