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Acrylic One metal powders

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There are various metal powders available which can be added to Acrylic One to achieve a metal effect. When you would like to achieve a rusted effect, use the iron power. Add an equal amount of iron powder as the amount of powder used to produce Acrylic One. When the applied layer had dried, it needs to be sanded using a wet courer or waterproof sanding paper. The surface can now be treated with hydrochloric acid, ammonia or any other agent of your choice. This accelerates the rusting process. When the desired effect is achieved, the process can be stopped by using water and soda. To make sure the effect is maintained, a sealer can be applied. If the sealer is not applied, the process will continue as it would do naturally. In the same way you can achieve a bronze effect by adding an equal amount of bronze powder.

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