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Isopropanol (99.9%) spray 500ml

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Isopropanol (IPA) Spray is a popular special cleaner in households, workshops and industry. It quickly and easily removes stubborn dirt such as grease, resins, varnish, ink and adhesive residues from almost all surfaces. It is also suitable as a solvent for very resistant grease.

IPA spray is ideal for paint degreasing, as a label and adhesive remover, for windscreen de-icing, stain removal and much more. The spray head can be used to precisely remove dirt from sensitive technology such as mainboards, circuit boards, print heads and other electrical parts on PCs and printers. When used as an efficient electrical cleaner, IPA also makes it child’s play to clean the printing plates of 3D printers and remove heat-conducting paste from GPUs and processors. The purity of the isopropanol is 99.9%.

Universally applicable, our spray can be used in a wide variety of everyday applications. With the help of the cleaner, you can reliably remove residues on lenses and eyepieces, shaver heads of razors, vaporisers, whiteboards and many other surfaces. For a pleasant application, the spray is completely free of dyes and fragrances and evaporates after only a few seconds.

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