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Latex prevulcanised

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Suitable for making strip-off molds, masks, candles, flexible objects…

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Suitable for making strip-off molds, masks, candles, flexible objects, … Instructions: Apply the first layer of latex with the help of a brush to prevent air bubbles between the latex and the mold. The following layers can be applied with a brush, dabbing or pouring. Wait until the previous layer is dry. The final thickness of your mold must be 2 mm. Each layer of latex can be thickened with a latex thickener (1 to 5%). The latex is hard after 24 hours.

This pre-vulcanized natural rubber latex with a low ammonia content and average modulus is suitable for use in a wide range of dipping and related processes where dry film properties with average modulus are required. It is only necessary to let the latex dry to achieve these properties. Vulcanization is not necessary. The latex will become ‘cream’ when hardened and must be thoroughly stirred before use. Stir gently to prevent air bubbles.

Technical characteristics

  • Total solids content,%: 59.5 – 61.5
  • Ammonia content, max.%: 0.30
  • Viscosity, cps: 120 max.
  • pH: 10.0 – 11.0
  • Modulus at 700% elongation, MPa: 11.0 – 13.0
  • Tensile strength, Mpa: 20 – 28
  • Stretch @ break,%: 800 – 1,000

The latex must be stored in sealed containers between 5 and 30 degrees Celsius. The product may not be frozen under any circumstances. Contact with metals such as copper and iron must be avoided. Do not store in direct sunlight

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