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PolyColor Resin Powders 15g

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PolyColor resin powders produce bright pearlescent effects when added to clear resins such as  SLIP-LG 100, EpoxAcast 690Crystal Clear 200, Crystal Clear 202.. These powders are very fine and have a significant effect in small quantities.

Start with small amounts and gradually add to lighten / deepen the color until the desired look is achieved. Maintain a transparent appearance by adding only a small amount. The powders can be mixed to obtain custom colors. PolyColor resin powder can also be used with Alumilite Dyes.

Applications include river tables, wood turning blanks, jewelry making, pallets, serving trays, counter and rod surfaces, fishing lures, ornaments, frames, game details, a tank, inlays, wooden cracks and more.




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Black Metallic, Cotton Candy, Creater Lake Blue, Dark Bronze, Diamond Dust Metallic, Forest Green, Gold Metallic, Gold Metallic Dust, Green, Ocean Blue Metallic, Purple Mountain Metallic, Sky Blue


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