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Zhermack DEADNER SFX additive

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Zhermack DEADNER SFX additive is used to soften ZA SFX 00-20 silicone by adding an additive to the silicone and changing the mechanical properties of the silicone.

Add: max 150%

Color: transparent

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Zhermack Deadner SFX silicone additive. Deadner SFX is used to soften silicone by adding an additive to the silicone, changing the mechanical properties of the silicone, if necessary, the silicone surface can be made sticky. Silicone can also be converted into a gel with the help of an additive.

If used with a very soft product like ZA SFX 0020 the result will be approximately the following (A + B + Deadner):
100 g + 100 g + 33.3 g loss of hardness 4 Sh00
100 g + 100 g + 100 g  loss of hardness 9 Sh00
100 g + 100 g + 200 g loss of hardness 13 Sh00

The maximum dose of the additive is 100g + 100g + 300g (A silicone + B silicone + Deadner), exceeding the maximum dose the silicone will not harden.

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