Support moulds are the most used Acrylic One applications in Foundries. The advantages of Acrylic One made support moulds are:

    • Quick hardening. After 20 minutes Acrylic One starts curing. Within an hours it is possible to release the mould from its original object. After a 24 hours curing it is possible to start using the support mould for production.
    • Strong moulds because of the strength of Acrylic One and the use of triaxial fibre. It is even possible to drop them onto the ground without breaking. If needed it is possible to repair them bij adding an extra layer of Acrylic One with triaxiaal fibre.
    • Lightweight because of the use of triaxial fibre.
    • Water based so safe to work with. No special requiments are needed while working with Acrylic One. Your own workshop area will do because Acrylic One is water based. You will be surprised how easy it is to work with Acrylic One.
    • Freedom of form. Because Acrylic One is laminated it is not limited in its final form. Straight, curved or even multi dimensional curved forms are possible.
    • Safe on Fire because Acrylic One LP01 in relation to its reaction to fire behaviour is classified: B. The additional classification in relation to smoke production is: s1. The additional classification in relation to flaming droplets / particles is: d0.
    • Reduces storage space because of the thin but strong Acrylic One support moulds.