Yeso•Duro plaster

Yeso•Duro is a high quality seamless wall finish plaster for home, office and even wet areas like bathrooms. Yeso•duro is based on mineral fillers and Eco emulsion. It is water resistant, easy to maintain and offers many opportunities for architects and designers.

Yeso•Duro is available in different colors. By applying Yeso-duro in different layers followed by sanding, special color schemes, shades and effects can be achieved. This gives a beautiful, natural look. After applying Yeso•duro can be sanded and ge-gloss, which giving it a shiny appearance. Also it is possible, by using a sealer to get a satin or matte surface

Yeso•duro is easy to use and cures quickly. Depending on substrate surface and desired performance 1 square meter per hour can be finished completely. Yeso•duro is applied by hand and in thin layers so consumption is reduced to a minimum. Due to the unique possibility to slow down the system, larger planes are no problem and a seamless finish without annoying transitions is guaranteed. Yeso•duro is ideally suited to provide a nice look such as ancient decorative plasters, tiles, limestone and concrete elements Because of the ease of installation and lower material costs is Yeso•duro an ideal replacement for many products.