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Tool set for modeling 8 pcs

 34.30 (iesk. PVN)

Reģistrētie lietotāji, par pirkumiem virs 50 EUR saņem 1 IC punktu par katru iztērēto 1 EUR. Uzkrātos IC punktus var izmantot nākamo pasūtījumu daļējai apmaksai.
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Set of double-sided stainless steel forming tools, set of 8 different tools.

Various fine, durable tool heads are suitable for shaping, cutting, cleaning, surface smoothing, detailed machining, smoothing, merging, texturing and patterning, etc.

The diversity of the use of tools will be appreciated by sculptures, crafts, confectioners, jewelers, hobbies, etc. master.

Tool lengths: 13.5 to 17 cm.


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